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Improving forest monitoring systems in Indonesia

IPE Triple Line Consulting | News [ 23rd February 2017 ]

Improving forest monitoring systems in Indonesia

Photo Courtesy: Indonesia forests by tpsdave at Pixabay.


We have won a project to provide expert guidance to the M&E activities for Forests 2020 Indonesia, to ensure the insights and learning from M&E are of high quality, and support translation of oututs to outcomes and impacts; provide guidance to ensure that Forests 2020 activities are supportive of ICF (particularly FLAG) programmes in Indonesia; act as a liaison between FLAG and Forests 2020 M&E teams; participate in Forests 2020 project and IPP forestry- wide M&E discussions an input to generation of broader lessons and strategies. IPE Triple Line's Head of Forest Governance and Climate Change- Shoa Afsaha played a key role in winning this project and managing it.


What is Forests 2020?

Forests 2020 is a strategic £15m investment, matched by partner contributions, to advance the application of Earth Observation to tropical forests.


Forests provide vital services including livelihoods, water, and habitats for millions of species, and are essential for combating climate change. Despite frameworks to help developing countries protect and restore their forest resources, inadequate monitoring systems remain a barrier to effective implementation. Earth Observation (EO) is widely acknowledged as the only effective way to monitor forests at regional and national levels, however accuracy, frequency, speed, and delivery of EO data products remain a challenge.

Forests 2020 addresses technical barriers in low and middle income countries to the sustained implementation of effective forest monitoring systems capable of measuring forest change and providing information on the risks and drivers of forest loss. It will work in six countries relevant to the UK’s International Climate Fund (ICF) investments of approximately £200 million per year, aimed at reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from forest loss, promoting better forest governance and rural livelihoods.


Background on aim of Forests 2020

Forests 2020 is a 3+ year project (December 2016 - March 2020), by consortium of UK experts and international partners led by Ecometrica, that aims to improve forest monitoring systems in 6 developing countries to support REDD+, FLEGT and other aspects of forest governance and biodiversity conservation. The project will focus on three areas of forest monitoring systems:

1. Improved detection of forest changes, particularly in challenging ecosystems and land use


2. Improved mapping of risks and priority areas, particularly ways in which local organisations and district or state-level forest authorities can input and interact with the forest maps and forest change detection;

3. Digital infrastructure for managing and distributing EO derived and related information to ensure robustness, consistency, continuity and availability of data products to end-users


The objectives of this programme will be to monitor and report on progress against project plan and objectives; to ensure project outputs are effectively translated into outcomes (improved forest change, risk mapping and infrastructure adopted and mainstreamed within national forest monitoring systems); and to ensure project outcomes are synthesised with ICF forestry programmes in Indonesia


About Ecometrica

Ecometrica runs a programme of EO-related capacity building, applied research and service delivery to enable the improved use of EO and related content by governments, businesses, researchers and civil society. The company has a proven track record of leading and delivering complex projects in collaboration with multiple partners across multiple countries. Earlier this year we successfully delivered an IPSP funded project ‘Advancing EO Applications in Forests’ in which we worked with partners in the UK, Brazil and Mexico to improve the use and management of EO data for the stewardship of forests. Despite its short duration, the project made substantial progress in developing productive relationships between partners and demonstrating impact on the ground. Ecometrica has worked for several international donors, and is currently contracted by DFID to help monitor the effectiveness of UK forest investments.

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